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Dec. 31st, 2008 | 01:19 pm

You know, once upon a time people's letters to one another were published as books, the communications between supposed personages perhaps providing context and permitting a deeper understanding of the authors. I'm trying to remember the last time I wrote a letter, i.e. put writing utensil to page and placed said correspondence in an envelope. And I have no idea. I'm not even sure I know how to operate a pencil any longer. Now it's all email.

Not that anyone would ever study my remnants for sagacious insight, but one thing is certain: I sure as hell wouldn't want published as an everlasting document a compilation of emails between, say smolkinsquid</lj> and myself. What a bunch of disjointed shorthand/gibberish/running references that would be. To reduce it even further, now we have the phenomenon of Twitter with its 140 character bursts of the right now. So, in an effort to revive an old practice and review my own 2008, I now present Selections from the Collected Twitter Updates by yours truly.
  • Work computer makes snail look hasty. 12.30
  • Bi-lateral procrastination achieved. 12.22
  • Archie Shepp, you make a Monday more like a Tuesday afternoon at about 3:20. 12.08
  • Did she just say, "intranasally inoculated?"  12.04
  • Yes, watched pot, I get your point. 11.26
  • Just had a Krautrock discussion w/ visiting EVP. 11.13
  • Flourescent bulbs smell like salt & vinegar chips? 11.12
  • Raw fish: ingested. 11.05
  • Haystack: reveal your needle at once! 10.13
  • Dreary drive w/ Bridge of Sighs: AOK. 9.24
  • Spanish Grant destruction = very upsetting. 9.16
  • Just threw away part of a donut. This has never happened before. 9.15
  • I count the corpses on my left ... uggh. 8.25
  • F-16s: louder than 2 motherfuckers. 8.21
  • Buffet at Pam-Pam: total bullshit. 8.21
  • is trying his hand at cymbal stand alchemy. 8.19
  • V brought me Jameson! Damn! 8.14
  • Hangin' in Dallas waitin' round for the show. 8.09
  • Color correcting a very odd looking, jaundiced scarecrow lady. 8.07
  • Browsing eBay for Loudness patches. Don't worry, there aren't any. 7.30
  • The forklift at DAV is in tune w/ Sister Golden Hair. 7.24
  • Contemplating Db ... five flats. Ok, I'm done w/ that. 7.22
  • has a note on his desk reading, "examples: root beer & cadavers." 7.17
  • Am I the only person in Cassco listening to Killing Joke? 7.04
  • Listening to Buzzcocks and waiting for the Latin Carpet Crue. 6.30
  • Those are NOT reggae lix. What would Linton Kwesi Johnson say? 6.25
  • My mom was just playing Wii bowling. Weird. 6.21
  • just won a Cuisinart. No really - I just won a Cuisinart. 6.20
  • Moving my crap into a new desk. Purging wildly. Possibly recklessly. Would that I could do it this way at home. 6.20
  • My to-do lists have to-do lists. 6.12
  • Ungrateful. Self-important. Pains-in-the-fuck. 6.11
  • Has lots of plates in the air. 6.10
  • Running brain thru band-pass filter. 5.28
  • Thinking of Tippy Martinez, Jack Morris, and Len Barker. 5.23
  • Contemplating the spiritual implications of episodic sell out. 5.20
  • Tackhead + Mountain Dew + 3:05 = 3:06. Updated. 5.19
  • Pondering toolbar weirdness. 5.16
  • If I had six heads they'd all ache. 5.13
  • Just referring to Thus Spake Zarathustra in an office email. 5.08
  • Nick Drake soothes dry and empty skull. 5.05
Just what the hell does it all mean?!

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