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Feb. 13th, 2009 | 01:59 pm

This would be a logical follow up to overpass or evicted! - an instance of me wasting time roaming about with camera in hand before band practice. We've moved to yet another location (don't we make for good neighbors, people?), this time in Midtown KC.

This is the back of the building in which we rehearse (we're really fucking serious, that's why it's called "rehearsal"). It's not quite as decrepit as it appears and actually suits us quite well. Of course we're somewhat decrepit.

I didn't come across any drill presses this time, but I did find a tire fort behind which appeared to be a homeless person's shopping cart. I didn't go too close. Out of respect.

Right about the time I rounded the next corner it occurred to me that in this very neighborhood a good friend of my got jumped and robbed a few months back. I decided I might pick up the pace a bit and head back toward practice while it was still light. Stopping for more shots along the way, of course.

18th & Oak.

Do NOT park in the engravers' lot, ok?

Yeah, I like beat up old doors.

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