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'tis the season

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Oct. 19th, 2008 | 05:11 pm

With the exception of "the arts," I am extremely reluctant to discuss or debate what I consider to be matters of taste. By their nature, such topics are highly subjective and prone to turn debaters into arguers with neither party taking away anything useful. The subjects of religion and politics are ones about which people are extremely passionate and opinionated; they are topics that are complex, highly nuanced and steeped in opinion, rooted in cumulative personal experience.  And because it's damn near impossible to prove anything about either, ultimately they both boil down to individual taste. People who I consider good friends have very different views about such matters; and we'll never agree. I can leave it at that.

So with a very historic presidential election just weeks away,  this will be my singular sort-of-political post. I'm not getting on any virtual soap box, but I'm sure it'll be clear which way I lean. Mostly I just want to commemorate the incredible atmosphere of the moment and post the following pictures.

I'll be in or en route from San Diego the better part of November 4, so I have to submit an absentee ballot. Weird.

An unnamed 20-something making signs to protest at a McCain rally tomorrow in Belton, MO. Umm - working at my dining room table.

And speaking of protests, there was an Obama rally in KCMO Saturday 10.18.08 which, of course, featured the presence of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. Can you believe these cocksuckers? I mean, really. They are a disgrace to discourse.

John McCain famously compared Barack Obama's celebrity to that of certain vacuous starlets. As ridiculous as that ad was, there's no doubt he's a rockstar capable of  generating a spontaneous three ring circus at any stop on the campaign trail. The Kansas City appearance brought out an estimated 75,000 spectators to this Barackstock. Being wise, for once, we drove to m_toast's house and took a bus the rest of the way.

Not really sure ...

For a minute we thought this was a Secret Service sniper. Turned out to be just a hippie.

The hordes at Kansas City's Liberty Memorial.

Somewhere in that glow is the passing motorcade - or so they would have us think. Barack may have driven himself off in a borrowed Kia for all I really know.


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